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Hello everyone!

What does “be both” even mean? And what is this guy even? Well, I would like to tell you how two completely different things in my life just define it.

My whole life I was addicted to sports, and i still am. I play, compete, watch and inspire everyone around me to do so. Could be football or gym or anything just guys, move ya body!

When i was ready to go to university I choose Testnevelési Egyetem, the Hungarian PE university. There I started studying sport management. I was a gamer already, played a lot of League of Legends (3000+ hours). And it hit me. Gaming industry is just EPIC around the world. So why not as a sport manager (BSc, MSc) aim for this field as my profession. So right now in Hungary (where the field of esports is just started to grow, but still is nothing compared to other parts of the world) I’m trying to act as a pioneer in esports, with all of the difficulties of it. To be honest there are ONLY difficulties right now here, but let’s hope for the best, I’m not going to give up until everyone recognizes the possibilities in the digital sports.

Tho - and this is where the fun begins - it is true that gaming from newbies to professionals can be harmful for the health. A little sport will even make you play better, by helping you regain your focus. My 2019 PhD topic aims exactly for this. To prove this scientifically.

So here I am, getting bullied from the sporty side for taking video gaming this seriously, and from the nerdy side that I’m not even a real gamer, but still I’m going to help whoever I can by posting streams, funny stuff, gaming videos AND healthy food preparation vids, meal plans, and training plans as well.

Some might say either this or that but listen to me: it is possible to be a professional esport player AND be healthy.

And this is what BE BOTH means.

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