Meal Plan


Our sport is played and decided in our HEADS. Which means the most powerful tool we use is THE most powerful tool in the human system, the brain. You would be suprised but the human brain is only 2% of the weight of the body, but it consumes about 20% of the total energy in the body at rest. And ours is not at rest, we use it heavier than most, because we need to concentrate constantly for longer period of time. And also the brain is composed of 73% water which means a slight dehydration may cause concentration errors, which equals "how did he kill me" and "this game and my team is really bad" effects. 

Remember any brain damaging factors may damage your whole career in esports, so take good care of it! 


The biggest enemy is that soda players like so much or any other widely used beverages like fruit juices or energy/sport drinks. A high intake of sugary drinks may increase the risk of dementia. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may be especially harmful, causing brain inflammation and impairing memory and learning, which we don't really want when we have to know all that skill descriptions and map layouts. 

Also the food you take in has a really big impact on your game! A high intake of refined carbs with a high glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) may impair memory and intelligence, as well as increase the risk of dementia. These include sugars and highly processed grains like white flour.

Don't forget those party drinks either! While moderate alcohol intake can have some positive health effects, excessive consumption can lead to memory loss, behavioural changes and sleep disruption. 


  1. Stay hydrated at all times

  2. Never drink beverages with high coffein

  3. Avoid hard to digest food

  4. Rest a lot and sleep well

  5. Exercise and train your body regualry

  6. If you need help, ask for it

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